Haghefilm H transparent 512x
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Specialised printing from archive and original material, with experience in nitrate duplication, shrunken film, optical effects, blow-ups and reduction prints. Analogue and digital grading onsite, offering bespoke and historic colour reproduction from tinted, toned and stencil coloured prints.

Haghefilm Digital colour timers and printers can work with historic grading information on disc, paper, tape or file. Our innovative colour emulation process can even combine original printing lights with leading-edge digital restoration workflow.

Analogue or DI to combined print, with both image and sound recording-out capabilities.


Haghefilm H transparent 512x
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Haghefilm Digitaal is a specialist post production house and motion picture film laboratory offering end-to-end services, film restoration and consultation.

From pre-production testing and dailies processing, image and audio restoration, to deliverables, distribution, archiving and versioning, Haghefilm Digitaal delivers outstanding results tailored to your project.